puja starter kit in decorative thali

Puja starter kit Thali (26 items)

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Puja starter kit Thali (26 items)

Dimension of Thali: 12 inch (1 foot) diameter.

Ingredient list:

1) Decorative Steel Thali

2) Incense stick (Agarbatti) box

3) Metallic idols (Golden colour) of Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji

4) 1 Ghanti (Bell made of pure brass)

5) Agarbatti stand (fixed with thali)

6)  Diya stand (fixed with thali)

7)  Prasadam vessel (fixed with thali)

8) 1 Copper Lota

9) Mauli roll (Sacred red thread roll)

10) Gangajal bottle

11) Packet of cotton wicks

12) Small copper Om plate

13) Honey

14) Camphor box

15) Perfume

16) Hanuman sindoor

17) Roli/ Kumkum

18) Laung (Clove) packet

19) Elaichi (Cardamom) packet

20) Misri Prasad packet

21) Akshat

22) Pujan Patrika

23) Turmeric

24) Mustard seeds

25) Puja patrika

26) Shree Yantra (Lakhsmi Yantra) in gold metallic design


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