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Feng Shui Turtle

The Meaning and Use of the Feng-Shui Tortoise

In ancient China, the tortoise was seen as a spiritual symbol of longevity, and in feng shui practice it has a variety of uses. How you use the feng shui  turtle or tortoise in will depend on your intention. There are four common uses for this symbol. 

The first feng shui use of the tortoise symbol is as a means of protection and as an energy-strengthening cure. For this purpose, the best feng shui placement of the tortoise is in the back of the house. In an office environment, you can place a small tortoise behind your back (provided it looks appropriate for your workspace). Outdoors, you can place a tortoise in the back of your garden.

The third feng shui use is to bring the grounding energy of the tortoise to any feng shui Bagua area of your home that needs more protection and stability. For example, if you have a stone tortoise positioned close to a west-facing front door, this brings the energy of grounding and protection to the main door. The stone material belongs to the earth feng shui element, which is nourishing for the metal element represented by this compass direction. If you choose this application of feng shui, be sure that the turtle is facing towards the main door.

The fourth application of the tortoise symbol is in a slightly more advanced feng shui use, in which the tortoise is placed facing the best direction for the inhabitants of the home. This is calculated by looking into one’s Kua number, the birth feng shui element, as well as the current feng shui energies for the year. Used this way, the tortoise is thought to combat illness and promote health.  

Feng shui expert Lillian Too enumerates additional uses for the feng shui tortoise symbol: 

  • Positioning a tortoise close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank will magnify the power of the tortoise.
  • Placing the tortoise near the head of your bed will remove anxieties and can help with insomnia.  
  • It is considered bad feng shui to place a tortoise in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Types of Feng-Shui Turtles

When choosing a feng shui tortoise, you can select among different materials, different designs engraved on the back of the turtle, and different symbols and objects included with the turtle. For example, some tortoises figurines are depicted with feng shui coins to attract more money and to improve health and family life, etc. Then there is the dragon turtle feng shui cure—a mystical combination of the energies of the turtle with the energies of the dragon

Online retailers and shops specializing in feng shui products offer dozens of different tortoises in various colors and materials, each intended to enhance a certain feng shui goal. For example, you might choose a tortoise made from hematite for its symbolic value in combatting terminal illness, or one made from rose quartz for its legendary value at improving love relationships.

The tortoise is a celestial feng shui symbol that represents stability and protection against bad fortune. For feng shui practitioners, the tortoise offers many uses when chosen carefully, used correctly, and treated with respect.

Basic FengShui Turtle Brings Good Luck

A regular turtle, real or a statue, or an enhanced turtle powered by the fearsome fiery energy of the dragon (another Celestial Guardian) will bestow wealth, restful sleep, vibrant health, a long life, financial windfalls, and professional rewards.

For best results with the basic turtle, place the figurine or live turtle in the following positions:

  • Face a turtle towards the front door to ground the energy and protect the home and its occupants from misfortune.
  • Position it behind you in a home

    office for additional support and security.

FengShui Dragon Turtle Enhances Prosperity

The dragon turtle is an awesome force. The creature has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon, stands or crawls on a bed of coins and often carries a baby turtle on its back. The dragon is associated with the East and the color green. The turtle is a North energy enhancer and its color is black. Put those together and you blow out prosperity, protection, longevity, and security. This creature has your back.

Ideal areas to place the dragon turtle depend on what you want to attract.

  • For career advancement, place a dragon turtle in the North or Northwest corner of your home or office.
  • A dragon turtle in the East or Southeast improves family health and attracts abundance.

FengShui Tortoise Tips and Trivia

During the Shang dynasty (1766 – 1122 BC) tortoise shells were used for ceremonial divination to predict the future. The ancient Chinese believed the turtle contained all the wisdom of heaven and earth within its shell. Today, you can use turtles and tortoises along with feng shui practices to attract safety, wealth, and good fortune.

  • A large turtle with two small turtles stacked on its back represents three healthy generations and is a potent longevity symbol.
  • A dragon turtle, sitting on a “pedestal” made of coins or ingots, gets extra money luck with a Chinese coin in its mouth. The calligraphy on the coin should always be facing up as should any gemstone embedded in the coin.
  • A mound-shaped figure of a turtle displayed in the backyard or rear garden can substitute for a rise, hill, or mountain at the back of the property, a landscape feature considered essential for safety and security.
  • Tuck a tiny turtle under your bed for more restful sleep and to help cure insomnia.
  • For even stronger good fortune, use feng shui turtles made of quality materials such as beautiful woods or gemstones, like jade.


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