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  • If you are performing the fast of Karwa Chauth for the first time and is quite worried about the shopping related to this special day, here is the ultimate saviour for you. Our online gifting store can provide you all the Karwa Chauth related items such as Karwa Chauth Thali in a quick manner and can save your time spent on visiting the local marketplace.

    Your Gift Contains:

    • Red Velvet Thali Set(Thali Diameter 11 inches, Channi Diameter 7 inches, Vessel 4 x 4 inches)
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  • The puja thali has all the essential Puja ingredients required for a complete and religiously correct Diwali pujan. This ensures that every aspect of the puja is taken care of at one place.

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  • The kit also contains around 30 Puja items to provide you with complete Puja items in one place to celebrate the festival of Navratra.

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  • Meenakari pooja thali

    Brand: Ojas
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Dimensions: Plate Diameter: 11.8
    Weight: 750 Grams
    Colour: Silver
    Pack Content: 1 Pooja Plate, 1 Diya, 1 Bell, 1 Incense Holder, 1 Spoon, 1 Kumkum Patra, 1 Glass, 1 Kalash & 4 Bowls
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  • Brass Shivling

    Brass Shivling is believed that where there is Shivling lord Shiva resides there. One can get rid of all ailments by performing daily puja to Shivling. In effect of the planet, Saturn is eliminated by keeping Shivling at home. One shall perform daily puja of Shivlings to achieve success in life. This Shivlings also helps in maintaining the cordial relation between husband and wife. A couple who keep Shivling in their home is blessed with Lord shiva Aashirwad. This Shivling is a must in every home.

    Dimensions: Width – 7 cm, Depth- 4.5 cm, Height – 7 cm Weight – 135 Gram Material – Brass

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  • Musical Wood Damru

    • Height – 8 cms
    • Diameter – 7 centimeters
    • Weight – 40 grams
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  • Bal Gopal Golden Foil Frame

    Golden Touch Bal Gopal 24Karat Golden Foil Frame, the god figurine in this frame is made of 24Karat Golden foil. A masterclass combination of spirituality, art, and purity. It can be a beautiful showpiece in your home. Having long-lasting finish with the superfine look. It can also be a unique and valuable gift to your loved ones. This amazing product has been presented to you by the craftsmen of Arghyam exclusively for rppoojaghar.com

    Dimensions(L*B*H) :25*6*25 Cms Weight – 850 grams Material – Golden Foil

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  • This small sized Nandi idol is specially designed for the home and office decor. Nandi serves as the vahan of Lord Shiva and as the gatekeeper of Shiva and Parvati.

    Dimensions: Width– 2″ Depth– 4″, Height – 3″, Weight – 660 gram Material – Brass

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  • Lotus seed mala is for concentration power and for removing poverty. Best to get blessings for better prosperity and good money flow.

    Kamala mala is useful to pray Mahalakshmi for wealth. Generally 108 beads of lotus seed or

    kamala mala are used for chanting Mahalakshmi mantra for pleasing Lakshmi.

    Dry Kamala/Lotus seeds are used to make such a mala. Lotus seeds is used in meditation.

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  • Haldi Mala (Turmeric Rosary) is a mala which is made of turmeric bulbs, consisting of 108+1 beads. Its benefits are as follows:

    • Haldi as an herb has a lot of proven medicinal properties, that helps in ailments like Cancer, bone problems, cough and colds, increasing immunity and even in Jaundice.
    • Haldi is a very auspicious herb and is hence used while performing any Hindu ritual/prayer.
    • It is believed that Haldi/Turmeric mala benefits people in law suits and remove differences.
    • It also has a positive effect on state of mind, reduce stress and tensions.
    • This rosary is used to pray Goddess Baglamukhi.
    • Chanting of the mantra “Om Brim Brihaspathi Namah” on Thursday with this rosary helps strengthen the lord Jupiter and removes its negative effects.
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  • Marble Chowki Ganesh

    • The Ganesha idol is placed on a chowki
    • Hand painted with traditional color scheme
    • Embellished with sequence work
    • Made by rural artisans of Jaipur, Rajasthan
    Details :-
    Warranty: No Warranty
    Assembly: No Assembly Required
    Material: Marble
    Dimensions: Length: 4, Width: 4, Height: 4 Inches
    Weight: 400 Grams
    Colour: Multi-colour
    Pack Content: 1 Marble Chowki Ganesh
    Hand crafted: Yes


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    • This Decorated Pooja Thali Set is especially designed for Karwa Chauth
    • This classy karwachauth thali is made of elegant embroidery work with unique kundan and lace art.
    • It provides stunning look on this festive season. This religious thali is the also perfect gift due to its different decorative features and great quality.
    • Beautifully decorated Karwa Chauth thali, Completely handcrafted, Decorated with kundans and lace work, Perfect for Karwa Chauth celebrations
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  • Kusha Aasan – small

    Kusha grass is considered highly sacred. Sages often sit on Kusha grass mats when they do their meditation. Handwoven mats from Kusha grass, these mats are ideal as seats while doing rituals and meditation. A traditional type of prayer mat is the one made with grass and is called “Kush Asana”.It is said that “Kush Aasana”allows the yogi to maintain that serene state of mind without being affected by the adversity of the environment surrounding him. Kusha, whose name signifies sharp in the sense of acute, is the root of the Sanskrit word for”expert” Kosala.The sanctity of dhurba, also known as kasha grass, is as old as the Indian Gods.All kinds of evil forces like ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. keep away from the place where it is used.This is considered to be the holiest of all the thirties here and is believed to be the spot where Gowtama Rishi finally secured Ganga on earth by spreading the Kusha or the Durva grass around her. Kusha grass is considered purifying, and rings woven of it are sometimes worn in worship to keep the hands ritually pure. It is also a remarkable insulator, both physically and metaphysically. Kusha mats can also be used with a blanket on top for sleeping on damp ground in bitterly cold weather. The sanctity of dharma or kasha is as old as the Indian gods. Puranas tell how Vishnu assumed the form of the Cosmic Tortoise (Skt.kurma) whose shell served to support Mandara, the mountain that served as a dasher in the churning of the Sea of Milk. As the mountain rotated, several hairs were rubbed from the tortoise’s back. With time, they washed ashore and became Kusha. Later, when the amrita (nectar) was obtained and distributed among the gods, some drops fell on the grass which further sanctified it imbuing it with healing properties. Therefore, in the traditional hair-cutting of Vaishnava toddlers, the hair is touched with kusha before it is cut. It was used as a ritual seat as far back as the Vedas, and the Bhagavad Gita (ch.

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  • Mata Ka Shringar

    A complete kit for decoring the infinite form of energy, the Supreme Goddess. It has all the items you would need to decor the Goddess during Shravan, Navratri, Devi Puja days, and on any special occasion. High-quality products Included Red Chunari, Bangles, Kumkum, Bindi, Kajal, Mangalsutra, Lipstick, Hair Band, Ear Ring with shringar basket.


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  • Copper Snake Pair /Nag Nagin ka Joda

    These Snake pair (Nag Nagin ka joda) are made in a copper finish for worship in Kaal Sarp Dosh.


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  • Silver Snake Pair Naag Naagin ka Joda

    These Snake pair (Nag Nagin Ka Joda) are made in silver finish for worship in Kaal Sarp Dosh.

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