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Hawan Items

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  • Kasturi Powder 100 gm

    Kasturi has an exotic aroma, it has a natural musk fragrance which intensifies the spiritual senses and connects one to the divine.  It is used for spreading fragrance & offered to deities during puja ceremony. You may burn a small portion in an incense burner or use in fire rituals and mix with water to offer to idols and yantras or apply on forehead. Its mild aroma helps soothe the mind and body, it is also ideally used for religious pujas and ceremonies.

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  •  Hawan Samagri Mahrishi

    Pooja Hawan Samagri that is used for worshipping purposes by hindus based across the globe. Havan Samagri is a mixture of various dried items like herbs, roots, leaves and very small pieces of wood. The Havan Samagri is generally offered to ‘Agni’ during havan, yagna or many puja process

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  • Akshat is raw unbroken rice washed or sprinkled with water. Akshat is a Sanskrit/Hindi word which means unbroken or unending. It is a symbol of prosperity and longevity. That is why it is used in blessings.

    It is an integral part of worship items and without it worshiping may not be in a proper way. In almost all regions of India, it is used in one way or another for worshiping or on the occasions of weddings, “Upnayans” and other “Sanskaras“. Along with Durva” (Doob grass) and turmeric powder Akshat is sprinkled over the couple after the wedding as an act of blessings and so is done in “Upnayans” (जनेऊ) when it is sprinkled over the “Barua” (The boy whose “Upnayan Sanskara” is being performed).

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  • Black thread

    Wear black Nazar Suraksha dhaga or tab dhaga most useful to wear in a body or to ties on hand black thread to protect bed eye and to live healthy useful in puja it is also said Nazar battu.


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  • Bhojpatra Sheet Medium

    • Bhojpatra sheet is a bark of Bhurja tree which is a birch tree native to the Himalayas, growing at elevations up to 14,800 ft.
    • The white, paper-like bark of the tree was used in ancient times for writing Sanskrit scriptures and texts.
    • Bhojpatra sheet is still used as a paper for the writing of sacred mantras, with the bark placed in an amulet and worn for protection.
    • Bhojpatra Sheet Size : 5″ x  7″
    • Pack of 1 piece













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  • Darbha Grass

    Darbha Grass / Kusha Grass set has been tied up by hand with pure cotton red and yellow thread (kalawa). Darbha grass can be used while chanting Chalisa, Katha hymns, performing home, Uganda, and other ceremonies.

    Darbha / Kusha grass is meant to have Lord Vishnu’s potency. It is believed that this grass has immense purifying properties. It is worshipped by Vaishnavas on a special day in Bhadrapada month (August – September) called Darbhashtami. The significance of Darbha grass is also found in Buddhist culture.

    Kusha grass is known to be the purifying object. In Kumbha poojas, the grass is used to purify different objects of worship by sprinkling holy waters using the grass. Brahmins put this grass always in their houses and use for any purificatory ritual they perform.

    It is given in a few websites that there was a scientific study of Kusha grass. They found that this grass can absorb about 60% of radiation. It is proof that this grass has the power to absorb all negative radiations in the environment.

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  • Loban Dhuni Powder

    • This Loban Dhuni Powder  is also known as Devi dhoop or Navdurga dhoop and often used in the worship of goddess Durga
    • We offer great incense and premium quality Loban Dhuni Powder.
    • According to religious texts, Loban Dhuni Powder is one of the finest energy purifiers of the atmosphere and prevents negative energy.
    • Loban Dhuni Powder is burned on coal for fresh air and a healthy atmosphere
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  • Crafts Store Center and Crafted Wood and Jute Made Miniature Charpai Toy for Kids Hand Crafted Wood and Jute Made Miniature Charpai Toy for Kids ( Multi Color) its beautiful product for home decor kids are really like this toy beautiful gift item long life product.

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  • Jau (Barley) Grains 200 gm

    Our products are grown by organic farming under expert observation. The products are packed and processed under natural conditions. Organic products are a healthy treat for you and your family. Live Life Health. We are committed to quality organic products to serve you quality organic products. We always get the best grade of natural raw material and choose organically grown. Our vision is to protect humans from chemicals and pesticides used (non-organic) grains and pulses.

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  • Loban Dhoop 200 gm

    It is also called loban dhoop. It is the finest energy purifier of the atmosphere. Using loban dhoop fumes is a traditional and spiritual secret in India to uplift the energy level. It has been used for centuries by saints and kings. Benzoin is often used in religious ceremonies and is considered to have a great influence on cleansing and unblocking the human body energy centers/meridians. It is antiseptic, and is wonderful for cleansing, whether you wish to clear a room or simply for cleansing your aura. It is said that benzoin helps bring inspiration and creativity. Benzoin can help attract love, provide psychic protection, wisdom, aid memory, and helps ease depression. It is also often used in prosperity spells. Uses: While performing puja burn a dhoop and offer to a deity, upon the completion of puja take dhoop on you and spread it in the entire house. It removes all negative energies that surround you. It is also a pure, good, and natural pest repellent.



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  • White sesame ( Safed Til ) 200 gm

    R.P Pooja Ghar  To You A sweet range Of Products. Our products guarantee purity and reach your hands without the use of chemical fertilizers, additives, or artificial ingredients.

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  • Bhimseni Kapoor (camphor)-100gm

    We are offering Bhimseni Kapoor to our clients. These are available in various grades and forms to meet the requirements of the applications areas. For more varieties of camphors and kapoors visit here.
    Product Details:
    Color White
    Packaging Size As per Client
    Usage/Application Puja Purpose,food Grade,edible camphor, Ayurveda medicine
    Brand Natural Bio-fresh
    Purity 100%
    Shape Flakes
    Shelf Life 2Year


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  • Chirmi beads are believed to have the power and blessing of all three goddess.Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. People bring these beads in home to get kindness of all three goddess. The goddesses are known to provide good luck, fame, authority, peace, good health, prosperity.

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  • This amazing piece of  Hanuman ji Statue is a white metal product. It spreads love to each and every individual it comes in contact with. . The figurine is beautifully carved. The radiance and the shine of Hanuman ji Statue is very attention seeking. This piece of ultra royal artefact can be used to beautify your interiors or can be gifted.

    Size: Height 6.5 Inches x Length 3 Inches x Width 3 Inches | Weight : 400 Grams | Material: Resin

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