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One instruction that needs to be followed strictly while doing puja in Hindu religion is the use of aasan and while performing the rituals.

It is often said that it doesn’t matter at what time you do puja, but whenever you are, you must always do it while sitting on an aasan. If prayers are offered while sitting on an it, the  energy of the earth reaches our body and we are able to concentrate with a peaceful mind.

One must take great care while choosing an aasan for puja. According to Vastu shastra, you can use cotton, silk or woolen aasan for puja. Deer or tiger skin can also be used.

Performing the rituals while sitting on it brings knowledge, good luck, peace, money and siddhi.

  • Aasan made from Black deer gives knowledge  and siddhis.
  • Tiger skin asana heps you maintain Moksha and wealth.
  • Banket asanas removes your sorrows.
  • A colorfull one hepls you attain your wishes.

Aasan’s are also used for placing on God Idols on it for pooja ceremonies. It is used as a back drop for Krishna, Durga and other Diety Idols to brighten the aura. Sometimes also used as a curtain for poojaghar .

In most of general use any woolen asana will do good for normal poojas. It is non conductor and prevents your magnetic energy from flowing in ground. Also it is smooth and helps you sit longer.

Note:-  On the contrary, using aasan’s made of wood, leaves or bamboo can bring diseases, financial problems and sadness, hence they must be avoided. also if any asana has iron nails in it, should not be used.

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  • Velvet Aasan For Pooja

    This Velvet Aasan is made of polyester fabric with printed fabric. It is used in every household for religious purposes. These are manufactured using premium quality raw material. An essential item to give your home & temple a new look. This Aasan mat can be easily incorporated in varied home settings with its solid color pattern. This is the designer & finest spiritual collection.

    • Size – 16×16 inches & 24×24 inches , Color – Red
    • Content: Pooja Aasan,
    • Colour: Multi, Material: Polyester, Velvet
    • Easy Hand Wash, Made of good quality velvet material.
    • Used for Puja Rituals, single person mat
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