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Blue Hakik Mala

Blue Hakik Mala

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Blue Hakik Mala (Agate)

Blue Hakik or Agate is a semi-precious stone. It comes in different colors. Blue Hakik is a very powerful stone and is very useful in pleasing Planets Saturn (Shani Dev) and Lord Rahu. Blue Hakik Mala is used for spiritual and meditating purposes. It is used for chanting mantras of Lord Saturn and Shani or during their malefic position in our birth chart.



Blue Hakik Mala (Agate)

Blue agate is known for its grace and tranqulity. Spiritually this stone helps in fight, reaching higher spiritual planes, and is said to activate the throat chakra. Blue hakik mala wards off the malefic effect of planets. Blue Hakik is used to specify planet Saturn.

Blue Agate Mala has high significance in Islam religion, polished and finished gem is mounted on a ring and men and women wear in the form of Jwellery. It guards against dander, wearer work with alert and temperate nature.


  1. It is used for removing the bad effects of Shani and Rahu Planets. Chanting of mantras of both the deities is also done with  Mala.
  2. It is used for healing purposes in Chinese tradition as their monks believed that Blue Hakik Rosary has powers to bring in immortality in humans.
  3. It helps to fight fears and make the person calm.
  4. It is also helpful in times of distress and helps in financial gains.
  5. Blue Agate Mala brings a positive flow of energy in the environment and makes the wearer positive.

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