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Decorative Nariyal – Decorative Coconut

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Decorative Nariyal

  • A stylish decorative Nariyal/ Coconut, ideal for being used in Puja or simply as a decorative item.
  • It is rare and very much effective

Decorative Nariyal

In Indian culture “nariyal” or coconut is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Nariyal is given by the bride to the groom which have great importance in the wedding. This Wedding buy Shagun Decorative Nariyal, covered with colorful threads and designer beads.

The coconut in Sanskrit is referred to as Sriphala or “the God’s fruit”. The coconut is the only fruit that is used to symbolize ‘God’. In the Hindu religion, the coconut is one of the most common offerings in a temple.  And it also plays an essential role in all pujas. The coconut is a satvic fruit, ie, it is sacred, pure, and health-giving, and is also endowed with several properties. It is also offered on occasions like buying a new vehicle, house etc. People also offer it in the sacrificial fire whilst performing homa or the havan. The nariyal is broken and placed before God and is later distributed as prasada.

नारियल को साक्षात महालक्ष्मी का रूप माना जाता हैं यह बहुत ही दुर्लभ होता हैं। सैंकड़ो नारियलों में से कोई एक श्रीफल होता हैं। वही धार्मिक मान्यता के मुताबिक एकाक्षी नारियल जिसके पास होता है उस पर महालक्ष्मी की विशेष कृपा बनी रहती हैं और उसके जीवन में कभी भी आर्थिक संकट नहीं आता हैं एकाक्षी नारियल को तोड़ना अशुभ माना गया हैं।

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