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Feng Shui Education Tower / Pagoda

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The Education Tower is said to possess certain powers, which helps to transform unruly minds into well-disciplined minds. It is a concentration enhancer for those who wish to achieve academic success. The Education Tower has evolved from the Buddhist stupa, which is considered as a sacre

Education Tower Pagoda

To resolve problems related to education, improve concentration

Education, Higher Concentration

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It should be covered in a red cloth or paper and kept in the North-East direction.

Dimensions(L*B*H) :5*5*15 Cms Weight : 180 Grams Product Type : valentine gift Material : metal


Feng Shui Education Tower

The best solution to problems in education is the Education Tower, also known as Pagoda. It helps to tackle problems in education like inability to concentrate, trouble in memorizing things, etc. The Education Tower/ Pagoda is always kept in the bedroom of the students in the North-East direction. The tower should be kept on red cloth or paper to get the desired results. With the power of the Pagoda, students are bound to pass with flying colors. With the power of the Feng Shui, nothing would be able to stop you from achieving your goals at the education front.

Features and Uses of Education Tower:

  • Placing it on the study table of your child encourages him to perform well in the field of academics
  • It is a very useful feng shui remedy and is known to bring good luck in the field of education
  • It can be placed in various directions like placing  in the northwest is good for your financial well being and placing it in the north proves effective for prospective career goals
  • Brings positivity 
  • The pyramidal roof shape of the  tower also works as a pyramid

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