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Ganesh Laxmi Silver Coin

Ganesh Laxmi Silver Coin

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Ganesh Laxmi Silver Coin

Are you looking for the right gift to offer for a special occasion in a Hindu community? Look no further as this silver coin is the answer to your search. Made of 999 fineness silver, this coin weighs 10 grams and it is an excellent gift to offer on various occasions.

On one side of this silver coin, the two important Hindu Gods are depicted, Ganesh / Ganesha and Lakshmi / Laxmi Ji in a beautiful and impressive style. The opposite side of the coin is adorned with a swastika and the details regarding its composition.

This is a high-quality mirror shine product with stunning looks that will not fail to impress you or your loved ones.


Ganesh Laxmi Silver Coin

Silver coins have an importance of their own in Indian culture. Silver is one of the oldest metal that have been used for coinage since ancient time. Especially in Hinduism, it is very common to start a prayer or pooja ceremony by symbolically gifting silver coins to the gods and goddesses. Buying Ganesh laxmi silver coins is very common during festivals like Diwali. Moreover, when people conduct Havan at their home, silver coins are also used as a gift for priests. Ganesh Laxmi Slver coins are kept in the Diwali Puja Thalis as an auspicious symbol. These  silver coins usually have the image of Goddess Laxmi on them. Along with the image of Goddess Laxmi, there can be the image of Lord Ganpati, or the image of a Swastika on them also.

Diwali Silver Coins are considered very auspicious and fortunate and are a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Nearly every household has Diwali silver coins which are used as part of the worship on Diwali Day. Every individual should consider purchasing gold coins on Diwali for worshipping and prayers on the occasion of Diwali. You can even gift Silver Coins on Diwali to your friends and near and dear ones.

Not just cultural or religious value, you can also gift silver coins to anyone in your family as a token of remembrance.  You can even get a personalised image coin for yourself. The purity of our coins is unquestionable and we make it with the metallurgical art that doesn’t let the coins turn black quickly.

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