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Scented cow ghee diya

Ghee Diyas

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Fragrance Ghee Diyas

Product Description

We are involved in providing  Fragrance  Ghee Diyas.

  • Material: others, color: white
  • Package contents: 100 ghee batti’s
  • Wicks soaked in scented ghee
  • Item size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
  • Place a wick in your own diya and light it burning time for each wick is about 30 minutes



Fragrance Ghee Diyas

Fire is a source of life on earth. The light and warmth of fire forms an aura of energy around itself. Lighting  ghee diyas is the manifestation of lighting the fire of life in us. One can experience an etheric sphere around a diya that makes the ambience pious and divine. Work initiated from such ambience is believed to be successful and memories made near such ambience last longer.

It is said that according to Bhrama Rahasyam of Sri Agastya Maharishi, the glow of a diya invites the gods towards it. Hence lighting a diya at home is believed to be an invitation to the gods to come to our homes.

Special Ghee Diya made from ghee extracted from pure sources are the perfect substitute for traditional ghee diya in which ghee soaked cotton wicks are used.  These Special Ghee Bhattis have a burning time of 20-30 minutes. Place these Diya Battis (Wicks) in a lamp and light them directly. The diya induces fragrance of jasmine to make your pooja ambience smell pious and auspicious.

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Importance of Ghee Diyas.

Features :-

  • Soothing fragrance
  • Air-tight packaging
  • Precise composition
  • Eco-friendly
  • Purity
  • No Wax

They are perfect for daily puja, where you can do the puja and by the time you leave home you’re sure the wick has finished burning. Especially in homes that are made out of wood, these wicks serve the purpose and reduce danger to the home. When you open the box, the wicks have a mild flavor which is a combination of camphor, sandalwood and jasmine. These wicks are a substitute for your handmade ghee diyas, so there won’t be any strong smells when you burn it. Of course, after it’s fully burnt, there will be a small black dot left in the lamp. Throw it away and your lamp is ready for your next meditation.



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