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Janeu Thread Yagyopavita 5pc

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Janeu Thread Yagyopavita 5pc

R.P. Pooja Ghar Janeu, Thick Thread or Mote Dhage Ka Janeu or Sacred Thread or Pooja Janeu Yagnopaveeth (5 pcs) by R.P. Pooja Ghar

Upanayana or Janeu (Sanskritउपनयन upanayana-) is one of the traditional saṃskāras (rites of passage) that marked the acceptance of a student by a guru (teacher or tutor) and an individual’s entrance to a school in Hinduism. The tradition is widely discussed in ancient Sanskrit texts of India and varies regionally.

The sacred thread (yagyopavita or janeu) is received by the boy during this ceremony, that he continues wearing across his chest thereafter. Generally, this ceremony should be done before the age of 12.


Janeu 10pcs

Upanayana or Janeu  is one of the traditional saṃskāras (rites of passage) that marked the acceptance of a student by a guru  and an individual’s entrance to a school in Hinduism. The sacred white thread Janeu a thin cord, is donned by Brahmin boys after they reach the age of 12. Wearing the Janaeu is part of their 16 Sanskaar as prescribed by Hinduism.

The janeu is worn during an Upanayan Sanskar and is the 10th Sanskaar of the Santana Dharma of the Hindu religion. The Janaeu is regarded as a symbol of the sacred vision to see things in a just way.

The Janeu Yagyopavita Thread is known by many names, such as Janivaara, Jandhyam, Poita, Poonal,  Lagun, Yajnopavita, Janoi, Yonya and Zunnar. This small size janeu offers deity idol during Puja. The janeu represent purity in thought, word and deed expected from the wearer. The “sacred thread” is a thin cord, composed of three cotton strands. The strands symbolize different things in their regions. For example, among Tamil Hindus, each strand is for each of the three trinity of goddesses (Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati).

Science and the benefits of wearing this sacred thread are :

  •  Janeu  tied on one’s ears helps increases one’s memory and also helps in preventing constipation and keeps the stomach disease-free.
  • The three threads of Janaeu represent the Goddess of strength i.e. Parvati, Goddess of wealth i.e. Lakshmi and the Goddess of knowledge i.e. Saraswati.
  • There is a popular belief that if one wears a Janaeu, then one will be guarded from any negative vibe or thoughts throughout one’s life.
  • There is a proven scientific study which shows that those who wear a Janeu do not have blood pressure related illness, to those who don’t wear it.
  • Helps one attain moksha or salvation after death.
  • It is said that after the Upanayan ceremony a Brahmin can start performing poojas and other rituals.
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