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kuber laxmi dhan bandari 13 pcs set

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kuber laxmi dhan bandari 13 pcs set

Kuber laxmi dhan bandari 13 pcs Yantra set brings wealth to the worshiper. Placing Shri Sri Dhan Laxmi- Kuber Bhandari Yantra at home or office bestows one with divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, success and a lifetime of luxuries.  A devotee who worships Shri Sri Dhan Laxmi- Kuber Bhandari Yantra brings success and wealth through regular puja and chanting of mantras. Yantra Overcome all your financial difficulties and showers limitless finances, prosperity, fame, success, good luck and peace of mind for every member of your family. Goddess Laxmi hands are always bless people. Are you facing financial crisis in your life OR Are all your business failing and making you insolvent? Don’t worry, bestow the blessings of Goddess Laxmi by wearing this astonishing Shri Sri Dhan Laxmi- Kuber Bhandari Yantra.

Box Contain:- 13 pieces

1. Shree Kuber Yantra: This is preferably placed inside purse, cash box or in the worship room of your house.   2. Shree Laxmi Charan Paduka: These Laxmi steps or footprint (charan padukas) are placed on both sides of the door frame. The Charan Paduka should face inside the house. 3. Lord Ganesha Idol: Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. 4. Goddess Saraswati Idol: Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, represents the free flow of wisdom and consciousness. She is the mother of the Vedas, and chants to her, called the ‘Saraswati Vandana’ often begin and end Vedic lessons. 5. Shree Dhan Laxmi Idol: This heralds wealth and plentitude. Place this beautiful idol at in the temple of your house or your work station to ensure that Goddess Laxmi?s blessing is always with you.

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