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Sriphal, Laghu Nariyal, Shriphal 11 Pcs

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Laghu Nariyal /Shriphal 11 Pcs

  • Shriphal also is known as Laghu Nariyal is a small coconut flower used as an offering to the Goddess of Wealth- Laxmi during Puja rituals.
  • Shriphal stands for “Shri” – Goddess of Abundance and “Phal”- Fruit.
  • It is an emblem of riches and fertility.

Laghu Nariyal /Sriphal 11 Pcs

Sriphal is an auspicious offering to the Goddess of Wealth. It is a small coconut flower that has great significance in the puja rituals of Maa Lakshmi. Shriphal attracts wealth and brings good fortune. Also called Laghu coconut, it appears in the size of a betel nut. Place it in the locker, purse or cash box to enhance wealth. Sriphal wards off the evil effects during the phases of Sade Sati. On auspicious occasions, the coconut is offered along with coin to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Other Uses Of Sriphal :

  • Wrap laghu nariyal with 7 feet thread and rotate 7 times from the head of every family member and burn it in holy fire, this destroys the effect of black magic.
  • Fill a vessel with a mustard oil putting sriphal in it and look into it and then donate the vessel. the malefic effect of Shani gets minimized.
  • Wrap laghu nariyal in black cloth and hang outside the main door, to get full protection from evil eyes.
  • Keeping laghu nariyal in the cash box, minimizes cash loss.
  • From those suffering from debts : donate this nariyal with mustard oil every Saturday to a peepal tree.
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