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loban cups

Loban Cups

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Loban Cups

Pure  Loban cup is spiritually very significant and scientifically too.

1. Scientifically Loban and Gugal both are important. Loban kills negative rays whereas Gugal cleans your nearby atmosphere.

2. Contain Samagri inside with perfect combination by the deep study. Its founder is the WHO part and after many experiments with different herbs found the best combination of Gugal and Loban.


Loban Cups

Benefits of Loban Cups  :

  • Smoky Aroma that is generated by burning the loban cup is therapeutic, antibacterial and curative. It helps in enhancing sensorial perception and mental clarity. According to ayurveda and spiritual concepts, it induces serenity,calm the nervous system, revokes negative thoughts, and fosters a quiet mental state.
  • It helps spiritual practices by enhancing the consciousness and inner awareness.
  • The amazing uplifting aroma of loban is conducive to create soothing ambiance and calm serenity.
  • Loban Cup creates a Divine atmosphere. Also burning of Loban removes negative energies and also clean the atmosphere.
  • Cups are actually herbal dhoop and has an exotic fragrance. All the ingredients of this product are purely organic, non toxic and ozone friendly.
  • Incense Cups help in your prayers, yoga, meditation and in making your environment pleasant and aromatic thus contributing to peace and tranquility.

Easy to use, these cups fills your home/premises pure and clean fragrance. These cups pack contains 24 cups that are non-toxic and easy to handle. Simply light it and place it on the BURNING STAND provided. To know more about loban visit here.

 Loban Cups set Contains 24 Cups of size approx. 1 inch (H) x 1.5 inches each. Order Uncommon Stuffs Loban Cups now!

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