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Musical Ganesha set of 4

Musical Ganesha Set of 4

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Muscial Ganesha Pack Of 4

  • This elegant showpiece, is a classy and tasteful piece of decor which is sure to give an exquisite look to your home or could be a very thoughtful gift for the festive season.
  • Includes pack of 4 Ganesha Idols
  • Made of Polyresin & MDF
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) In CMS: -7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x 11 cm
  • Perfect for home decor.
  • Made in India

Musical Ganesha Set Of 4

A set of 4 Musical Ganesha statues playing four musical instruments. These statues depict Lord Ganesha playing music. Lord Ganesha confirms life by celebrating its beauty through the soothing sound of music. These statues with orange, yellow, pink  coloured turban and dhoti holding musical instruments like drummer, tabla, harmonium and flute.

Lord Ganesha is the God of knowledge and intellect and all attributes are extremely symbolic and direct life of all humans towards a sacred and right direction. Ganesha, a teacher who conveys everything needed for a life directed to truth and goodness. Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, who is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise and is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors. His name means both “Lord of the People” (gana means the common people) and “Lord of the Ganas” (Ganesha is the chief of the ganas, the goblin hosts of Shiva).

Lend a hint of decoration to your home with these musical Ganesha statues. Exquisitely designed, these statues has a unique antique look. These  Ganesha’s gorgeous and exquisite figures are perfect for your home as well as office decor.  Made of poly resin in antique finish. It’s a wonderful keepsake for your home . Unique and beautiful item for gifts.



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