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Musical Wooden Damru

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Musical Wood Damru

  • Height – 8 cms
  • Diameter – 7 centimeters
  • Weight – 40 grams

Musical Wooden Damru

Damru  associated with Hindu God Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva favorite musical instrument that  why Damru also known as a power drum, which invokes spiritual energy. A Damru player adjusts the pitch of the instrument by adjusting the pressure that is applied to these strings. For more puja items visit RpPoojaGhar store.

  • Damru has hour glass shaped drum, typically played with the bare hands, a player wave the instrument by twisting the wrist back and forth.
  • The Damru or Damaru is a small drum with two heads, mostly prevalent in Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu culture. In many parts of the subcontinent of India,  damaru quite well known.
  • It also considered to be a power drum and if believed, it emanates spiritual energy when played. It has mythological association with Lord Shiva. Some people also believe that the language of Sanskrit  identified by the damaru’s beats and with the Shiva’s performance in Tandav cosmic dance form. Due to the small size of the damaru,  used by many musicians of all genres.
  • The damaru has a shield shape, and in this there is a upward triangular form, which is symbolic of male lingam or procreativity while the rounded downwards pointing form is showing the female yoni or procreativity. As a symbolic meaning of this shape, the world’s beginning occurs when there is the meeting of the yoni and lingam at midpoint while their separation leads to destruction.


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