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Panchmukhi Hanuman Brass Idol

Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol (brass)

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Panchmukhi Hanuman is the Virat Roopa (Divine colossal form) of Lord Hanuman with five faces. The five heads of Hanuman represent the Gods Hayagriva,



The Panchmukhi Hanuman or the Panchamukhi Anjaneya is believed to be one of his virat (gigantic) forms. Hanuman is one of the most popular gods of Hindus. He is also known by other names like Hanumat.Some even believe that there are two forms of Panchmukhi Hanuman. Five majestic faces all belonging to Hanuman is one form while the second is the more popular one. Five majestic faces, each belonging to different gods:

  • Lord Hanuman: He faces eastwards with steadfast devotion. Worshipping Hanuman helps one to get rid of one’s sins and bestows peace, purity, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • Lord Narasimha: One of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu, this lion form is south facing. Lord Vishnu took this form to protect his devotee, Prahlada. Worshipping Narasimha removes fear. Fearlessness and victory are the blessings showered on the devotee.
  • Lord Garuda: Facing west, the Garuda or eagle is part of the Panchmukhi Hanuman manifestation. He offers protection from negative influences, black magic, and evil spirits.
  • Lord Adivaraha: The boar another manifestation and is believed to remove the bad effects of planetary movements. Facing the north, Varaha bestows wealth and prosperity.
  • Lord Hayagriva: The form of the horse faces upward, blessing one with knowledge, progeny and liberation.

The Panchmukhi Hanuman is magnificent and awe-inspiring. This form arose at the time in patala when Vayu Putra Hanuman was charged with the responsibility of saving Lord Ram’s life.   Thus, the worshipper of the Panchamukhi Hanuman form is liberated from different fears, negativity, and enemies.
Hanuman  often referred to as a yogi. He believed to have reached perfection in his siddhis and had gained control over his five senses (Pancha Indriyas).

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