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Dhoop cone cups

Sambrani cone cups

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Sambrani cones-cups

Sambrani Dhoop Cups are used in India from more than 3000 years to remove negativity, for pooja use, spiritual purpose, also for meditation, yoga, ceremony, aesthetic, medicinal, healing and mosquito removing purpose



Sambrani cone cups

The finest energy purifier of atmosphere, Sambrani with all its purity and sanctity has been captured in the form of  Sambrani Cone Cups. One of the best gifts of nature, Sambrani has a distinct, peaceful and balsamic fragrance. When burnt on a charcoal piece; it emits an amazingly positive, vibrant and an alluring aroma that cleanses the air and energy in the surroundings. The use of this removes small microbes pests in the air and helps to push the stagnant energy into the activity. It is also an effective tool against evil spells affecting your household. This is a traditional Vedic purification that works very well in homes and places of work.

If there is one tradition that I completely love and makes me feel very good is to use sambrani. Sambrani is called benzoin resin in English and it is the resin of a tree that is dried, powdered and sold in the markets, either as a powder or in blocks. Sambrani usage has been in the culture for many years and in fact every South Indian home will have sambrani holders that will be more than 100 years old.

Even Ayurveda, advises us to use sambrani, as it calms the nerves, and produces tranquility, thus making the person ready for prayers. Years back women after having their hair wash, used to light up sambrani and keep a straw basket above it. The steam will seep out of the pores of the straw basket. If you keep your wet hair near the basket, it will dry it very soon and also leave a beautiful fragrant smell in your hair. Even if you have hair wash during winter months, if you use sambrani, you will not get a headache, especially if we have long, thick hair.


  • – Hold the cup by the tip of the narrow stem.
  • – Light the upper side rim of the cup over the fire.
  • – Wait till the entire rim starts burning eventually.
  • – After the entire rim glow, blow out the flame and experience Pure Navgrah Fragrance.
  • – Keep the cup away from strong winds or fans.
  • – Keep out of the reach of children.

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