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Silk kalava

Silk Kalava Mauli (Pack 3pc)

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Silk Kalawa Mauli (Pack 3pc)

  • Good Quality Sacred Thread – Mauli – Kalawa – Moli Dhaga Raksha Sutra
  • Original Silk Sacred Thread Mauli Thread Raksha Sutra
  • Useful in Every Type of Puja for Peace and Prosperity
  • Useful to wear in hand also to use as a mala
  • Get 6 Meter Mauli Thread Raksha Sutra Made of Silk

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Silk Kalava Mauli (Pack 3pc)

Silk Kalava Mauli  Thread Roll Considered To Be Very Sacred And Used In All Religious Purposes Of The Hindus. The Thread Is Used As An Offering Of Cloth To The Deity. The Mauli Thread Is An Integral Part Of Any Pooja. Normally The Kalava Mauli Thread Is Tied Around The Sadhana Article can be a Copper Tumbler Filled With Water. On Its Mouth Is Placed Five Mango Leaves with  A Coconut on it in a red cloth  Placed over the mouth of the Tumbler. This Represents The Shrine You Are Offering in Pooja. Next Before The Start Of The Pooja The Red Sacred Thread Is Tied Around The Wrist Of The Members Of The Family. As A Rule All Males And Married Females Wear It On The Right Hand. Unmarried Females Wear It On Their Left Hands. Only The Brahmin Females Both Married And Unmarried Can Wear It In Their Right Hands.

The Basic Significance Of Wearing This Thread Is To Get Blessings From God. Premium quality red yellow roli moli sacred thread for Indian holy rituals. Handmade Mauli, Kalawa, Sacred Mauli, Religious Cotton Thread, Pooja Dhaaga, Wrist Roll, Laccha, Pure Raksha Sutra, Rakhi, Organic Mouli Dhaga for Pujan, Havan, Worship, Diwali, Festival, Premium Quality Designer Mauli (Set of 2).

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Why do we tie kalava?

    • Kalava Mauli is Used In Each And Every Pooja
    •  Kalava Mauli is used for a number of religious purposes and it signifies the showering of holy blessings.
    • Kalava Mauli sometimes has knots that are tied up while reciting Sanskrit mantras and is worn to ward off negative energy away from the person who wears this red thread.
    • Kalava Mauli is generally made of cotton but these days people modify and accessorize them as per their desire.


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